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Precise power/stroke motion sequences thanks to spindle & bevel gear drives

Simple movement of loads of up to 10 tons with the aid of worm gear screw jacks and bevel gear units - both worm gear screw jacks and bevel gear units combine mechanical precision, compact design, robustness and long service life - and are also easy to maintain. Clever combinations with clutches, shafts and electric motors result in clearly structured drive solutions. With Nozag's flexible, innovative worm gear screw jack kit, you can solve many drive situations with standard components.

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Bevel Gearboxes

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    LMA type bevel gearboxes

    These products are lightweight  versions with aluminium housings and are made for general machine, plant and jig manufacturing The drive- / input speeds can be up to 1'000 rpms, the output torques are from 0.8 Nm to the biggest gearbox at 45 Nm. The service life is given as a maximum of 6'000 hours in shock free operation. The gearboxes are equipped with high-quality low-viscosity grease for life-time lubrication Three versions are possible, either with a through shaft, or with a shaft for left- / right-handed direction of rotation, for this reason the gearboxes are easy to integrate into different constructions. 

    RM type bevel gearboxes

    These products are designed for higher requirements. These gearboxes cover a wide range of applications with torques from 10 Nm up to 515 Nm and up to ratios of 1: 5. Planned to be modular, they allow a wide range of set-up and combinations and can also be used with screw jack drives. Manufactured to high quality standards, the hardened and lapped Gleason spiral toothing, minimal tooth flank play and high concentricity, ensure very good efficiency and a low noise development. The precision gearboxes have high torques in relation to their size, allow a high duty cycle and are very suitable for continuous operation. Standard ratios from 1: 1 to 1: 5 are available. On request, other ratios and suitable motor flanges for IEC standard motors are available. For a service life of a specified 20'000 hours (shock free operating time of 8 hours per day), the left- / right-handed bevel gearboxes RM are lubricated with low-viscosity grease or oil.
Bevel gearboxes LMA
  • Lightweight series
  • Compact aluminium housing
  • Speeds up to 1000 min -1
  • Ratios 1:1 - others on demand
  • Torques up to 40 Nm
  • Straight toothed bevel gears
  • Lifetime lubrication (6000 h)
Bevel gearboxes RM
  • Silent
  • Maintenance free, with a small tooth flank play
  • (backlash) due to GLEASON spiral gearing,
  • hardened and lapped
  • Speeds up to 2800 min -1
  • Torques up to 1000 Nm
  • High performance density, compact design
  • Standard ratios 1:1 to 1:5, others on request
  • Continuous or high duty cycles possible
  • High rotational accuracy
  • Radial shaft sealing rings generally with dust lip
  • Lubrications: fluid grease (option: oil)
  • Housing made of cast iron, low distortion and contortion
  • In stainless steel available on demand
  • Motor adapter available for IEC standard motor applications

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