Standard Drives / System

Precise power/stroke motion sequences thanks to spindle & bevel gear drives

Simple movement of loads of up to 10 tons with the aid of worm gear screw jacks and bevel gear units - both worm gear screw jacks and bevel gear units combine mechanical precision, compact design, robustness and long service life - and are also easy to maintain. Clever combinations with clutches, shafts and electric motors result in clearly structured drive solutions. With Nozag's flexible, innovative worm gear screw jack kit, you can solve many drive situations with standard components.

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Spur gears

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    With these modular constructed, compact spur gearboxes, the input and output shaft are coaxially arranged.

  • High degree of efficiency
  • Hardened and ground toothing
  • Low noise level
  • Universally mountable
  • Housing in aluminium
  • Maintenance free lubrication
  • 5 available gearbox sizes
  • Efficiency from 0.12 to 4 kW
  • Ratios from 5 to 46
  • Torque from 120 to 500 Nm
  • IEC motors mountable

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